Q. Are Love Thy Curry kits Gluten Free?

  • All spices are NATURALLY gluten free, and all possible care is taken at our end for them to remain so. However we cannot 100% guarantee they haven't been compromised prior to us receiving them, so we make no claims on our packaging that they are Gluten Free.

Q. Can I cook my curry in a slow cooker?

  • Absolutely!!!  We know how busy life can be and if it suits you to make your curry in a slow cooker then go for it. Just grind your whole spices like normal, pop in all your other ingredients and the rest of your Love Thy Curry kit into your slow cooker and leave it to work its magic.If the curry you're making has coconut milk or cream, leave adding it until nearer the end as it may split if in the slow cooker for too long.  You may also need to reduce the liquid in your curry as slow cookers create steam or alternatively you can thicken the curry with a small amount of corn flour before serving.

Q. Can I substitute the protein in my curry?

  • Yes you can.  Feel free to change from chicken to fish, beef to lamb or even eliminate the meat entirely and add more vegetables for a great vegetarian curry.  The options are endless!

Q. Why has my curry sauce split in my Butter Chicken?

  • High heat when adding your cream can cause it to split.  Low temperature and slow addition is the safest option.  You should never let a dairy based sauce boil.  

Q. Why do some of the curries not look the same as they used to?

  • When we purchased Love thy Curry some of the curry kits had food colouring in them.  We felt this wasn't required and didn't fit with our ethos, so we removed the colouring.  So some of the curries may not look the same when they are cooked up, but they will still have the same fabulous flavour.

Q. Can I choose the curry kits when purchasing a Gift Box?

  • Yes you can!  Just go through the checkout process and when you get to "Special Instructions" tell us what five curry kits you would like in the gift box.