Love Thy Curry

It’s slow cooker time!

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Grinding whole spices

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Coconut Rice

Add some creamy comfort to your curry rice....

Delicious Naan Bread Recipe

There's nothing like a delicious naan bread to mop up your curry sauce....

Summer of Spice!

Our curry kits can be used in more than one way, read on to find out how it or hate it!

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Spring Curries

Curries are not only a winter dish. Add fresh, in- season vegetables, lighten them up with fish, prawns or chicken, swap cream for coconut milk, sharpen up with fresh limes. and they'll be just as welcome in the spring and summer.

Cooking Tips for Great Curries

Tried and true tips to make your curries even more delicious. How long to marinate, grinding spices, what kind of rice to use - it's all in here.

5 Tips for Wine and Curry Matching

It is widely believed that Indian curries can only be matched with a good beer; however, this is not the case - wine is also a fine accompaniment to curry; it just has to be the right one. Pairing wine with Indian curries is a difficult task due to the fact that that there are so many layers to a curry: spicy, sweet, and salty. However, there are a few general guidelines that can be followed.