My husband made us your rendang tonight and it was delicious! Lovely spiciness and flavour. Thank-you very much, this is definitely a meal we will make again. Looking forward to trying your other spice packs!

  • Maddie van de Wetering

I bought a selection of the curry mixes prior to lockdown and loved them all. Even though our local shop is open again now we still prefer to buy your mixes. Each one just has awesome flavours. Our favourites are the butter chicken and the korma.

  • Merrin Taratoa

I had the Goa fish curry spice pack for ages waiting for the ideal time- Covid lockdown! What a great spice mix, by far the best curry dish we’ve ever eaten. I used monkfish and prawns. Thank you, it was bloody marvelous.

  • Lisa Dymond

Just wanted to say I made your lamb madras tonight after the food show yesterday- it was amazing- everybody loved loved loved it. 

  • Merrin Schomaker

The Butter Chicken was so delicious, mild and aromatic.  Very simple to prepare.  Would easily feed 6 hungry monsters.  Can't wait to try the other blends!

  • Catherine Turnbull

Highly recommend Moghul Chicken Korma from Love Thy Curry. Delicious gourmet curry kit. Order online. 

  • Julia Paul